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SATCH brings his audience hard-hitting moments and deep connections.


This musical journey is a masterclass in emotional instrumentals and well-crafted lyricism.

Back Seat Mafia

Thought-provoking lyricism and infectious instrumentation.

Flex Music

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Small town born and fled, Joshua ‘SATCH’ Satchell migrated to Brighton to pursue his songwriting career, eventually forming and fronting the band ‘‘Frankie Furlow’, with long time collaborator Will Nash. The project enjoyed early success and performed at major festivals such as Glastonbury, The Great Escape and Reeperbahn and at venues across the UK and Europe, but something was missing. 


After coming out as Trans, his voice breaking and the lowering of the keys of many songs, it was time to write some new ones.


With lyrical candor, genre-queer pop arrangements, and a band of talented friends alongside him, SATCH began sharing his story at Pride festivals all over the country, including headlining the first ever trans led stage at Pride in London. 


Simultaneously, the devout songsmith was inspired to help others to tell their stories, and started co-writing with artists and producers around the globe, while also interviewing various trans voices on his esteemed podcast ‘Satch and Leo’s Transmission’.


His ground-breaking, autobiographical debut album “Present In The Post'' was released in October 2023. Launched to a packed out Phoenix arts club in London, one music journalist remarked ‘Satch is one of the most impressive new songwriters of this year. He speaks from the heart and stands out from the crowd’.


Sonically connecting with the marginalized, SATCH isn’t a project aiming to change the music industry. SATCH is a project aiming to change the world.


“Satch is one of the most impressive new singer-songwriters of this year. He speaks from the heart and stands out from the crowd”  

-Jacqui Swift, Music Editor, Something for the Weekend, The Sun


The Song Satchell is a consistently irregular newsletter written by Satch about all things songwriting. Lyrics, Prosody, Song Craft and Creative Process: If you're somebody who loves songwriting, or hates it but just has to do it anyway, pop your email in to join the songwriting nerd party.

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