Joshua ‘Satch’ Satchell, is a rare phenomena – an intrinsic natural talent, combined with compelling charisma and razor-sharp drive; a fusion which makes this artist a formidable force. The eldest sibling of two, on the surface, Satch’s story reads like a carbon copy of most other musically talented souls. A stable, solid upbringing, where mum was a teacher, dad a surveyor, and music was the staple diet devoured hungrily by the family each day. The entire household played instruments for the church, so melody was constantly flowing throughout the home. Placed on a gifted and talented stream at school for his intellectual abilities, Satch was already demonstrating outstanding qualities, even in his early years. On paper, all was well, but beneath the surface, struggles were bubbling. Born as a boy within a girl’s body, Satch’s inner battles became apparent very early on. As he moved through school, his desperation to find his ‘normal’, saw grades begin to suffer until eventually he was kicked out of school. He needed to find a way to fly-free from society norms and step into his own reality. In Satch’s own words, ‘Looking back it felt as though it was like running a marathon before the start line.’ The turning point came when Satch heard ‘John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change’ on a TV show, triggering the realisation that he too could maybe connect with people in that way. A distinct vocal talent and with the gift to write original compelling songs – he had found his voice.


"Saw these guys at Brighton Pride last night....bloody amazing!"




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